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Alberto Guenzi is full professor (professore ordinario) since 1990; he currently holds the chair of Economic History at the University of Parma, after having thought at the Universities of Bologna and Salerno. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Parma for six years (1999-2006); starting from 2003, as President of the National conference of the Faculties of Economics and Statistical Sciences, he has prepared the revision of the degrees of the economic area within the framework of the reform of the Italian university system. He is presently Chief (Direttore) of the Department of Economics of the University of Parma.
He has written around 60 works, between monographs and articles that have been published by English, French, German, and Spanish journals. His main fields of research are, history of: food supply institutions in the Modern era; urban proto-industry; harnessing systems of hydraulic power, guilds and professional groups. On this latter topic he has published three monographs and several articles, and he had and has a guiding role within the Italian research. In the Nineties he has coordinated, together with Paola Massa, the Permanent seminar on guilds and professional groups of the SISE (Italian association of economic historians). The results of a team-work as such, in which around forty scholars and researchers were involved, have been presented at the International Congress of Economic History in Seville (1998) and were published in a book by Ashgate (1999). A publication as such is rare in the realm of the Italian economic historiography, since it allowed the international scientific community to know the state of the art of the Italian research in a field of investigation that, in the last 15 years, has had an extraordinary development.

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