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1972-1977 High School Diploma (Maturita’Classica)
1977-1982 University Degree. Law Faculty, University of Parma
1984-1986 PHD on Civil Procedural Law, University Statale di Milano
1985 Qualification to practice as a Barrister


1987-1992 Adjunct Professor of Civil Procedural Law, Law Faculty. Urbino University
1992-2000 Senior Research Fellow of Civil Procedural Law. Law Faculty. University of Trento
1995- 2003 Lecturer of Insolvency Law. Economics Faculty. Bergamo University
2000- 2003 Associate Professor of Civil Procedural Law (lecturer even of Insolvency Law)
2006 Associate Professor of Insolvency Law. Law Faculty. Parma University.
2006-2009 Professor “Straordinario” at the same Faculty
2010- Full Professor, at the same Faculty


Civil procedural Law; the law of evidence; proceeding before Justice of Peace; individual executive proceeding; Bankruptcy Law; procedural aspects of action to set aside; contentious proceeding for bankruptcy liabilities; liquidation and proceeds distribution in bankruptcy proceeding


Member of Associazione tra gli studiosi del processo civile, since 1998; Member of scientific committe of “Rivista di diritto processuale” and “Il diritto fallimentare”.


Among the latest conferences, Massimo Montanari has been speaker at conferences and masters in Brescia, Bologna, Pesaro e Bolzano, about recent reforms of Civil litigation (2006-2009). As for the matter of Insolvency Law, he has been speaker at conferences and masters in Fermo, Ferrara, Milano, Bassano del Grappa, Padova, Marina di Massa, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Treviso, Cremona, Catania e Pisa (2006- 2010).

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