DONATI Michele

Professore di II fascia
Settore scientifico disciplinare
Economia agraria, alimentare ed estimo rurale
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Michele Donati
Via Cantone 17, 43010 Fontevivo (Italy)
+39 0521 905697 +39 334 6467854
Skype m.donati
Date of birth 02 October 1973 | Nationality Italian


01 November 2005 – Present Researcher
Department of Chemisry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, University of Parma, Italy
Researcher in agricultural and environmental economics.

01 January 2004 – 31 October 2005 Junior researcher
University of Parma, Parma (Italy)
Research activity on the development of mathematical programming models to assess farm behaviour towards dynamic market and policy change.

01 January 2001 – 31 December 2003 Ph.D. student
University of Parma, Parma (Italy)
Assistant to research activity developed in the field of agricultural policy evaluations.

10 October 1999 – 31 December 2000 Junior researcher
INRA - Grignon, Grignon (France)
Participation to the research activity of the European research project EUROTOOLS on the development of quantitative tools to evaluate common agricultural policy (CAP) effects on European agriculture.


01 January 2001 – 31 December 2003
Ph.D. in Agrifood Economics
University of Parma, Parma (Italy)

10 October 1999 – 31 October 2000
Master degree in Environment and Natural Resource Economics
Ecole National du Génie Rurale des Eaux et des Forets, Paris (France)

01 November 1992 – 16 July 1998
Degree in Economics
University of Parma, Parma (Italy)


Mother tongue(s) Italian
Other language(s)
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production writing
English B2 C1 B2 B2 C1
French C1 C1 C1 C1 C1

Computer skills Excellent command of Microsoft Office, in particular Excel
Normal user of SPSS, Matlab
Advanced skills of GAMS language


Teaching activity
(2009 – now) Lecturer of Environmental Economics at the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, University of Parma
(2008 – now) Lecturer of Economic Modelling and Environmental Policy at the Department of Biosciences, University of Parma
(2011-2012) Lecturer of Economics of Rural Development at the Faculty of Economics, University of Parma.
(2011-2012) Lecturer of Environmental Economics at the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, University of Parma.
(2008-2011) Lecturer of Economics of Sustainable Supply Chain, Faculty of Economics, University of Parma.

Research activity
European research projects (including tenders)
(2016) Project “Strength2Food - Strengthening European Food Chain Sustainability by Quality and Procurement Policy (Horizon2020)
(2013) Project “Deriving from FADN data quantitative information on mountain agricultural products supply chains in the EU”, funded by JRC-IPTS, Sevilla;
(2009-2011) Project FACEPA (VII FP) on the assessment of the specific costs of crops in EU using FADN.
(2006-2009) Project CARERA (VI FP) on the assessment of the impact of the Fischler reform on employment levels in agriculture;
(2005) Project MAPSTART (VI FP) on the organization of a conference on quantitative tools for the evaluation of agricultural policies;
(2004-2005) Project Cohesion on the assessment of the effects of the Fischler reform on the state of the EU cohesion;
(2003-2006) Project GENEDEC (VI FP) on the assessment of the agricultural payment decoupling in EU;
(2003) Project Tobacco on the assessment of the effects of the regulations implementing the reform of the Mediterranean products on the cultivation of tobacco;
(2002) Project CAPSET on the assessment of set-aside CAP measure effectiveness.

Other main research activities
(2017) organizer of the XV EAAE Congress – Towards Sustainable Agri-food Systems: Balancing Between Market and Society, Parma, 29 August - 1 September 2017.
(2014) organizer of the third AIEAA conference “Feeding the Planet and Greening Agriculture: Challenges and opportunities for the bio-economy" held in Alghero in the period 25-27 June 2014.
(2013) organizer of the second AIEAA conference “Between Crisis and Development: Which Role for the Bio-Economy" held in Parma in the period 6-7 June 2013.
(2010-2011) project financed by Emilia Romagna region on evaluating the potential of bioethanol production in Emilia–Romagna using sorghum.
(2010) organizer of the international conference " EAAE - SYAL 2010 - Spatial dynamics in agrifood systems" held in Parma in the period 27 to 30 October 2010.
(2010) Participation to the research project of national interest (PRIN) "European Union policies, economic and trade integration processes and WTO negotiations ", coordinated by University of Calabria, Italy.
(2010) Assessment of the national strategy for the implementation of the reform of the fruit and vegetables in Italy, funded by INEA (National Institute of Agricultural Economics)
(2008) On behalf of the Province of Parma, participates in the drafting of the Integrated Rural Program of the Province of Parma.
(2008) Analysis of the LEADER areas in view to the preparation of the Local Action Plan 2007-2013 for the provinces of Parma and Piacenza.
(2007) Join the research team SABIO promoted by INEA (National Institute of Agricultural Economics), aimed at assessing the impact rural development measures on organic farms in Italy.
(2007) Analysis of the income crisis management in national agriculture sectors in cooperation with ISMEA (Institute of Agricultural and Food Services Market).

Scientific community memberships
(2012 – now) Member of the Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA)
(2014-2016) Secretary-Treasurer of the Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA)
(2005 – now) Member of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)

Main scientific publications
▪ Arata, L., Donati, M., Sckokai, P., Arfini, F. (2017). Incorporating risk in a positive mathematical programming framework: a dual approach. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 61(2), 265-284.
▪ Arfini F, Donati M (2011), The impact of the Health Check on structural change and farm efficiency: a comparative assessment of three European agricultural regions, in Disaggregated Impacts of CAP reforms. OECD Publishing, Paris.
▪ Arfini F, Donati M, Grossi L, Paris Q (2008), Revenue and Cost Functions in PMP: a Methodological Integration for a Territorial Analysis of CAP, in Modelling Agricultural and rural Development Policies, Official Publication of European Communities, Luxembourg.
▪ Arfini F, Donati M, Petriccione G, Solazzo R (2011), An Impact Assessment of the CAP Reform Health Check on the Italian Tomato Sector, in Sorrentino A., Henke R., Severini S. (Eds.), The Common agricultural policy after di Fischler Reform, Ashgate, Burlington.
▪ Arfini F., Donati M. (2003). La valeur économique de la multifonctionnalité dans les exploitations de la province de Parme, in La multifonctionnalité de l'activité agricole et sa reconnaissance par le politiques publiques, SFER, Paris, 691-720.
▪ Arfini F., Donati M. (2013), Organic Production and the Capacity to Respond to Market Signals and Policies: An Empirical Analysis of a Sample of FADN Farms, Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, vol. 37/2, 149-171.
▪ Arfini F., Donati M., Giacomini C. (2007), Possible impact of the new fruit and vegetable Common Market Organisation reform on the Industrial Tomato supply chain in Italy, Politica Agricola Internazionale, vol. 4, 82-96.
▪ Arfini F., Donati M., Menozzi D. (2006), Agricultural modelling: a Positive Mathematical Programming approach, in F. Ferretti (Eds.), Leaves and cigarettes: modelling the tobacco industry. 96-176, Milano: Franco Angeli.
▪ Arfini F., Donati M., Zuppiroli M. (2005), Un modèle quantitatif pour l'évaluation des effets de la réforme de la PAC en Italie, Economie Rurale, vol. 285, 70-87.
▪ Donati, M., Bodini, D., Arfini, F., Zezza, A. (2013). An integrated PMP model to assess the development of agro-energy crops and the effect on water requirements. Bio-based and Applied Economics, 2(3), 301-321.
▪ Donati, M., Menozzi, D., Fioravanzi, M. (2015), Understanding Farmers’ Responses to CAP Reform, New Medit, 3, 29-39
▪ Donati, M., Menozzi, D., Zighetti, C., Rosi, A., Zinetti, A., Scazzina, F. (2016). Towards a sustainable diet combining economic, environmental and nutritional objectives. Appetite, 106, 48-57
▪ Donati, M., Zuppiroli, M., Riani, M., & Verga, G. (2016). The impact of investors in agricultural commodity derivative markets. Outlook on AGRICULTURE, 45(1), 25-31.
▪ Gigante R., Arfini F., Donati M. (2014), Assessment of CAP Reform 2014–2020 in the Emilia-Romagna Region, in Zopounidis, C., Kalogeras, N., Mattas, K., Dijk, G., Baourakis, G. (Eds.) Agricultural Cooperative Management and Policy, Springer.
▪ Menozzi, D., Fioravanzi, M., Donati, M. (2015). Farmer’s motivation to adopt sustainable agricultural practices. Bio-based and Applied Economics, 4(2), 125-147.
▪ Solazzo, R., Donati, M., Arfini, F. (2015). Cap towards 2020 and the cost of political choices: The case of Emilia-romagna region. Land Use Policy, 48, 575-587.
▪ Solazzo, R., Donati, M., Arfini, F. (2015). Impact assessment of greening and the issue of nitrogen-fixing crops: Evidence from northern Italy. Outlook on AGRICULTURE, 44(3), 215-222.
▪ Solazzo, R., Donati, M., Arfini F., Petriccione G. (2014), A PMP model for the impact assessment of the Common Agricultural Policy reform 2014-2020 on the Italian tomato sector. New Medit, n. 2, 9-19.
▪ Solazzo, R., Donati, M., Tomasi, L., Arfini, F. (2016). How effective is greening policy in reducing GHG emissions from agriculture? Evidence from Italy. Science of The Total Environment, 573, 1115-1124.

European Association of Agricultural Economists, Publication Award 2016 for Policy Contribution in honour of Giovanni Anania:
Solazzo, R., Donati, M., Tomasi, L., Arfini, F. (2016). How effective is greening policy in reducing GHG emissions from agriculture? Evidence from Italy. Science of The Total Environment, 573, 1115-1124.

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Secretary of the second cycle degree in Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Resources

Lines of research

His main fields of research are the analysis of the agro-environmental policies using mathematical programming techniques and the sustainability assessment in agri-food supply chains. The first theme mainly relates to the common agricultural policy (CAP) measures evaluation according to ex-ante and ex-post perspectives using positive mathematical programming (PMP) approach, widely used at EU level for agricultural policy analysis. The second research theme is intended to explore the level of sustainability of agri-food supply chains, both in terms of production and consumption, by applying hybrid economic and environmental models based on mathematical programming and life cycle assessment (LCA). He participated to several national and international research projects on agricultural policy assessment, renewal energy development and agri-food sustainability assessment.




Phone number
Office location

Department of Chemistry, Life Science and Environmental Sustainability - SCVSA

University of Parma 

Podere Ambolana - Viale Usberti, 33/A

43124 Parma (Italy)