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Aba Losi received her PhD in Biophysics in 1997. During her Marie Curie postdoctorate with Silvia Braslavsky (Max Planck Institute for radiation Chemistry), she explored the energy landscape of photosensing proteins by means of pulsed photoacoustics.
She is presently Associate Professor in Biophysics at the University of Parma (Italy), teaching physics and photobiology. Her research is focused on mechanistic aspects of photoreceptors for visible light in bacteria and their applications in biophysics, as well as their evolution and physiological role. 
She has authored/co-authored 74 publications in peer-reviewed international journal and 6 book chapters.
Since 2006 she is member of the editorial board of the journal Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences- RSC. 
Since 2014 she is engaged in the organization of several activities devoted to the divulgation of scientific culture, among which the European Night of the Researchers. 

ABA LOSI Curriculum of scientific (I) and educational (II) activities Date and place of birth: 16.04.1961, Parma, Italy Associate professor SSD-FIS/07 (UNIPR); at the Dept. of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences Homepage: I.1. ACADEMICS a. Degree in biology: 06.3.1992, UNIPR. b. Professional qualification in Biology: 1993 c. PhD in Biophysics, UNIPR 31.01.1997 d. National Scientific Qualifications as Associate Professor: 1. 02/B3: Applied Physics; 2. 05/E1 General Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry e. 1.11.2002-30.9.2014: Assistant professor in Applied Physics, University of Parma, Italy (UNIPR). I.2. POST-DEGREE AND POST-DOC FELLOWSHIPS a. 01.04.1996 - 30.04.1997 CNR Post-Degree fellowship , Dept. Physics, UNIPR b. 12.11.1997-11.11.1998 Post-Doc Marie Curie grant, at MPI for Radiation Chemistry, Mülheim Ruhr, GER c. 01.01.2000-30.11.2000 NATO-CNR fellowship at MPI for Radiation Chemistry, Mülheim Ruhr, GER d. 02.07.1999-02.07.2001 Post doc, Dept. Physics, UNIPR I.3. CONTRACTS a.13.11.1998-12.06.1999 MPI for Radiation Chemistry, Mülheim Ruhr, GER. b. 01.09.2001-31.10.2001 University of Regensburg, GER. c. 01.10.2001-30.06.2002 MPI for Radiation Chemistry, Mülheim Ruhr, GER d. 01.07.2002-31.12.2002 MPI for Biochemistry, Martinsried, GER. I.4. AFFILIATIONS European Society for Photobiology (ESP). I.5. INVITED LECTURES 38 in international meetings I.6. PUBLICATIONS 76 publications on international peer-reviewed journals; 8 book-chapters.H-index = 28 I.7. RESEARCH ACTIVITY Novel photosensors for visible-light: structure, function, energetics, evolution and advanced biophysical applications I.8. OTHER ACTIVITIES a. Convenor of the workshop ESF-EW03-054: Flavin-based sensorial photoreceptors: from bacteria to plants, Parma, Italia, 25-27.3.04. b. Member of scientific boards in the following international meetings: i. XI congr. ESP (European Society for Photobiology) Aix-les-Bains 2005; ii. XII congr. ESP Bath 2007; iii. 34th ASP (American Society for Photobioloy) meeting, Burlingame, CA, 2008; iv. XIII ESP Wroclaw 2009; v. XIV ESP, Geneve 2011; vi. Gordon Conference on Photosensory Receptors & Signal Transduction, Lucca, 2010; vii. Gordon Conference on Photosensory Receptors & Signal Transduction, Lucca, 2014; viii. 6th International Congress on Photobiology, Córdoba, ARG, 2014; ix. Gordon Conference on Photosensory Receptors & Signal Transduction, Galveston TX, 2016;x: World Congress on Light and Life (17th Congress of the International Union of Photobiology and 18th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology), Barcelona (Spain) 25-30. 08. 2019. c. Associated editor to Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, Royal Society of Chemistry, Londra (2006-) d. Visiting scientist at MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion, MH,GER (2005-2015) e. 2014- responsible for orientation and divulgation for Physics degrees at UNIPR f. Referee for H2020-FETOPEN-RIA-2014-2015, contract CT-EX2015D244897-101. I.9 FINANCED PROJECTS a. (DFG)- Forschergruppe FOR 526: Blue-light Sensitive Photoreceptors, 2004-2010. Role: Guest Scientist b. Vigoni programme 2011, running: 2012-2013, project: "Fine-tuning of the photobiophysics of photoreceptor proteins for applications in high resolution fluorescence microscopy and optogenetics ". Role: Coordinator c. PRIN 2010-2011: L'equilibio tra eccitazione ed inibizione nel sistema nervoso centrale: trasmissione sinaptica, plasticità e sinaptopatie running: 01.02.2013-01.02.2016; Role: Participant I.10. COLLABORATIONS Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, Mülheim an der Ruhr, GER Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, GER Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova, ITA Università degli Studi di Genova, ITA University of Würzburg, GER Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, GER Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, GER Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Rosario, ARG Huazhong Agricultural University, WUHAN CHN Aarhus University, Denmark University of Leipzig, GER II. Teaching and educational activity II.1 COURSE ASSIGNMENTS; UNIPR = Università di Parma, Italy AY. 2004-2005: Photobiology (4 credits); Master degree in Physics of Biosystems (UNIPR) AY. 2007-2008: Physics (7 credits); Bachelor degree in Biology (UNIPR) AY. 2008-2009: Physics (7 credits); Bachelor degree in Biology (UNIPR) AY. 2009-2010: a. Physics (9 credits); Bachelor degree in Biology (UNIPR) b. Introduction to Biophysics (9 credits); Master degree in Physics (UNIPR) AY 2011-2012: Introduction to Biophysics (9 credits); Master degree in Physics (UNIPR) AY 2012-2013: Biophysics (6 credits) Master degree in Physics (UNIPR) AY 2013-2014: Biophysics (6 credits) Master degree in Physics (UNIPR) AY 2014-2015/present: a. Photobiophysics and Photobiology (6 credits) Master degree in Physics (UNIPR); b. Physics (5 credits); Bachelor degree in Zootechnical sciences and technologies in animal productions (UNIPR); c. Applied Physics (3 credits); Master Degree in Veterinary medicine (UNIPR) II.2. OTHER EDUCATIONAL ASSIGNMENTS 2010- English proficiency B1 level, representative for the Bachelor degree in Physics (UNIPR) 2013- English proficiency B2 level, representative for the Master degree in Physics II.3. EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY OUTSIDE ITALY a. DFG graduate college (GRK 640) ''Sensory photoreceptors in natural and artificial systems'', University of Regensburg (GER). Lezione: Photoacoustics of Photoreceptors, July 20 – 23 , 2001, Nové Hrady, Czech Republic. b. AA2011-2012; 2012-2013; 2013-2014: Experimental course “Advanced protein biochemistry”, Prof. Wolfgang Gärtner, for the Master in Biochemistry, at the University of Düsseldorf, GER. Personal engagement: steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence; lessons of photobiophysics. c. 16th-30th April 2016: 12 h lessons withi the "Photobiology" Course at the Huazhong Agricultural University, WUHAN CHN (appointed lecturer: Wolfgang Gaertner, Max Planck Insitute for Chemical Energy Conversion, GER) II.4. SUPERVISING AND TUTORING a. Supervision of 3 PhD thesis b. Supervision or co-supervision of 15 bachelor and master degree thesis c. Supervision of 1 Master Thesis in Chemistry for ERASMUS PLUS SMT 2016/2017, LA with Heinrich Heine Universitaet-Duesseldorf (GER) II.5. ORIENTATION AND DIFFUSION OF SCIENTIFIC CULTURE March 2013- 2018: Delegate to of the Physics course at UNIPR for: a. coordination of orientation activities for ingoing students; b. diffusion of scientific culture April 2018 - present: local organizer an ccoordinator for the European Night of the Researchers and other science divulgation activities

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