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1995: degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Parma (Italy).
1999: Ph.D. degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Pavia (Italy).
1998-2005: assistant professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Parma.
 2005-2018: associate professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Food and Drug, University of Parma.
2018-: full professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Food and Drug, University of Parma.
2013-2018: member of the Scientific Committee for Chemical Sciences Area, University of Parma.
2014-2015: Director of the Library of the Faculty of Pharmacy.
2017-: Delegate of the Director of the Department of Food and Drug for teaching activities.
2018 -: visiting professor of the University of Lincoln (UK), School of Pharmacy.
Member of the Teachers Board of the Ph.D in Drugs, Biomolecules and Health Products, University of Parma.
Editorial board member for Journal of Pineal Research, Current Pharmaceutical Design, PeerJ.
Teaching activity of medicinal chemistry courses for the Degree in Pharmacy and for the School of Hospital Pharmacy, University of Parma.
Teaching activity for the Master in Drug Design and Development, University of Pavia.

Every day, by previous appointment.

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Other appointments

visiting professor

University of Lincoln (UK), School of Pharmacy, 2018-2021.

Lines of research

Research interests: drug design, structure-activity relationships and ligand-target interaction studies in different fields of pharmaceutical interest. Application of chemoinformatics to medicinal chemistry projects allows investigation on the mechanisms of action and on the structural requirements important for biological activity of drugs. Information acquired from these studies is applied to the design of novel compounds acting on biological targets involved in new therapeutic strategies. The main research fields are related to the design and structure-activity relationships evaluation for new compounds acting as: - ligands of the melatonin membrane receptors MT1 and MT2; - compounds acting on the endocannabinoid system; - inhibitors of tyrosine kinase receptors (EGFR, FGFR); - inhibitors of the enzyme heparanase; - RNA polymerase inhibitors as antibacterial agents.





Spadoni G., Bedini A., Tarzia G., Mor M., Rivara S., Plazzi P.V., Fraschini F. Alchilammidi tricicliche: ligandi selettivi dei recettori melatoninergici MT1 e MT2.  Italian patent N. 0001348600 granted on November 4th, 2008.

Gobbi G., Mor M., Rivara S., Fraschini F., Tarzia G., Bedini A., Spadoni G., Lucini V. Novel melatonin ligands having antidepressant activity as well as sleep inducing properties.  US patent: US 8,791,163 granted on July 29, 2014; European patent:  EP1973868(B1) granted on September 9, 2015.


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Campus Scienze e Tecnologie - Padiglione 08 - Plesso di Farmacia
Parco Area delle Scienze, 27/A
43124 PARMA