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DATE OF BIRTH: 01-09-10975


Phone number :+393384586715; +390521702417


High-school, “Liceo Scientifico L. Respighi”, Piacenza, Italy (1989-1994)

Medical Doctor (MD) degree at the University Medical School of Bologna (1994-2002)

Registrar in Radiology at the Academic Hospital of Parma (2002-2006)

PhD in "Advanced Cardio-Thoracic Imaging" at the University of Parma (2006-2010)

Visitor and research collaboration at the Royal Brompton Hospital of London (2005-present)

Visitor at the Department of Radiology of the Vancouver General Hospital (May-June 2007)

Research collaboration at the National Cancer Institute of Milan (2007-present)

Lecturer/Consultant at the Academic Hospital of Parma (2010-present).


He currently holds a clinical position as radiologist at the Academic Hospital of Parma (Italy).
His clinical activity is focused on high resolution CT (HRCT) of the chest. Routine clinical activity also includes evaluation of whole-body conventional radiography, CT, MRI and ultrasound examinations. Experience in emergency radiology.


His research focuses upon the application of advanced lung and airway imaging methods to benign and malignant thoracic disorders.
Specifically, he evaluates the effects of automatic analysis tools (CAD) on observer performance to detect and quantify lung diseases. Most of his research effort directed at quantifying chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) components, integrating cardio-thoracic imaging, comparing imaging methods to assess the response of lung cancer to treatment and refine the imaging of conditions with vascular components. Since 2007, he has also been involved in the analysis of the CT data generated by the MILD trial, and this has resulted in a number of important scientific publications.
At present, his main current research topics are the following: development of multidisciplinary systems to stratify risk of lung cancer, phenotyping of COPD, and evaluation of CT and MRI systems in pulmonary arterial hypertension. In addition, he has gained significant interest and expertise in interstitial lung disease, largely because of his attendance of the Royal Brompton Hospital (London) and the Vancouver General Hospital (Canada).


Counselor of the Section of Thoracic Imaging of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology

Counselor of the Section of Computed Tomography of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology

Secretary General of the European Society of Thoracic Imaging (2011-present).

Member of the Fleischner Society (2013-)


National Organiser of three national congresses: “Diffuse lug diseases” (Parma, April 2007); “Imaging of thoracic tumors” (Parma, December 2011); “what’s new on thoracic imaging” (Rome, October 2012); “HRCT courses” (Parma, Oct 2013, April and May 2014)

Member scientific committee of the following national congresses: Italian National Congress of Thoracic Imaging (Cortona, 23-25 September 2009); SIRM National Congress (Verona, 11-15 June 2009); Italian National Congress of Thoracic Imaging (Pollenzo, 23-25 September 2011); Master on Computed Tomography 2013 (organized by the Section of Computed Tomgraphy of the SIRM)
International Programme Committee, annual meeting of the European Society of Thoracic Imaging annual meeting (Heidelberg 2011, London ).

Chest scientific sub-committee, European Congress of Radiology (Vienna, 2012, 2013).


Moderator: European Congress of Radiology 2011 (SS 504 - Diffuse Lung Disease); European Congress of Radiology 2012 (MC 402 – Anatomy-based Imaging Review of Lung Disease); European Society of Radiology annual meeting, London 2012 (Interstitial Lung Disease session)

Speaker: European Society of Radiology annual meeting, Heidelberg 2011 (Characterizing and quantifying COPD in large cohorts – Italung and MILD; COPD phenotyping); Advancing in IPF Research (AIR meeting, Berlin 2011); European Congress of Radiology 2012, 2013, 2014 (COPD imaging); European Society of Radiology annual meeting, London 2012 (Nodular and reticular patterns); European Congress of Radiology 2013 (RC 1904 – COPD); Hermes National Summer School (ERS initiative, Milan 2013); World Congress of Thoracic Imaging, Seoul 2013 (Pleural and Chest Wall Tumours); ERS School Course on “Fibrosing interstitial lung diseses of idiopathic and exogenous origin. Phenotype approach” (Prague, 2014).

Selected by Radiological Society of North America (RSNA 2008) for the project "Introduction to Research for International Young Academics (IRIYA) Program”.

Member of the COPDGene workshop group (American College of Radiology Education Center, Reston, Virginia, USA February 2010)

Member of the core panel of the ATS/ERS update of the International Consensus Classification of the Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonias (2013)

Second International*COPD*Genetics*Consortium (Amsterdam 2012)

Supervisor of 12 medical school degree theses (University of Parma). Supervisor of three PhD theses (University of Parma). Teacher and lecturer of thoracic imaging to other specialities including oncologists, surgeons, chest physicians. Organizer of three national congresses of thoracic imaging. 20 national and 5 international lectures (including ESR and ESTI meetings) delivered in the last two years.


September 2007:"Pigorini prize" as distinguished italian chest radiologist (Castel del Monte, 2007)

June 2008:Certificate of merit for the poster entitled “Cystic lung disease in Birt-Hogg-Dubè syndrome” European Society of Thoracic Imaging (Nice, 2008)


2005 PRIN: "Bronchiectasis in COPD: prevalence and bacterial colonization” (PI: Prof F. Blasi, University of Milan)

2007 Regione Lombardia e Fondazione CARIPLO: “Lung cancer risk assessment by combined functional-radiological-genetic analyses” (PI: Dr U. Pastorino, National Cancer Institute of Milan)

2008 PRIN: "Computed Tomography and pulmonary scintigraphy in COPD acute exacerbations". (PI: Prof M. Pistolesi , University of Florence)

2008 Italian Minister of Public Health (5x1000): "Lung cancer and pulmonary inflammation: importance of early detection” (PI: Dr. U. Pastorino, National Cancer Institute of Milan)

2013: chief of the Radiology Unit for the project “OraMod: VPH based prediction of oral cancer reoccurrence in the clinical practice” (European grant)


Member of the Editorial Board of BMC Pulmonary Medicine and World Journal of Radiology


Regular reviewer for Radiology, European Radiology, Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, European Respiratory Journal, Radiologia Medica, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Clinical Radiology.


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