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Born on November 25, 1952, in Parma (Italy).
1976: Medical degree (cum laude) at the University of Parma.
1978: School of Biological Sciences, University of West Anglia, Norwich, UK.
1981: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei-Royal Society Scholarship at the Department of Biophysics, University College, London, UK.
1983-1987: Researcher at the Institute of Human Physiology, University of Parma, Italy.
1983-1985: JH Brown- AB Coxe fellowship and International Research Scholar Grant from the Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc. at the Department of Ophtalmology and Visual Science, Yale University, New Haven, USA.
1987-today: Associate Professor of Physiology at the Pharmacy Faculty, University of Parma, Italy.

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Anno accademico di erogazione: 2021/2022

Anno accademico di erogazione: 2020/2021

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  • Full cicle (5 years) PHARMACY A.Y. 2021/2022
  • Full cicle (5 years) PHARMACY A.Y. 2020/2021
  • Full cicle (5 years) PHARMACY A.Y. 2019/2020
  • Full cicle (5 years) PHARMACY A.Y. 2018/2019
  • Full cicle (5 years) PHARMACY A.Y. 2017/2018
  • Full cicle (5 years) PHARMACY A.Y. 2016/2017
  • Full cicle (5 years) PHARMACY A.Y. 2015/2016

Lines of research

Protein kinase A in the brain.



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Dipartimento di Scienze degli Alimenti e del Farmaco
Parco Area delle Scienze, 27/A
43124 PARMA