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Born in Parma in 15-11-1973. Degree in Dentistry in 1997 (University of Parma –Italy) cum laude. Philosophy Doctor in Oral Medicine(PhD) with a thesis entitled “Characteristic of Candida species isolated from patients with diabetes mellitus” c/o Eastman Dental Institute -University College of London. Master Degree in Research Methodology in 2009 at Parma Hospital.
She is currently Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Oral Medicine at the Department of ENT, Dental, Ophtalmological and Cervico-Facial Sciences, University of Parma. She is teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in different Italian Universities. She is also involved in clinical and experimental research in oral medicine, microbiology and oral laser applications. She is author of scientific paper concerning oral surgery, oral medicine, oral oncology and oral laser applications.

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