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• Chemistry degree in 1983 Magna cum Laude
• Post-degree course in “Management and economic aspects of R/D activity” attended at “Scuola di Direzione Aziendale” (SDA) of “L. BOCCONI” University, Milan in 1986.
• Post-degree in Science and Technology of Materials, Parma University 1989.
• Since 1983 member of the Italian Official Chemist Association and elected member of the local steering committee in 2005.
• In 1985 jointed the R/D department of EniChem group and later was appointed “Project leader” of a group dealing with “Crystal growth and characterisation of GaAs single crystals.
• During 1989 his activity was carried out in Phoenix (AZ) USA at “Cryscon Technologies” Ga As production plant.
• During 1990-91 was the “Project Advisor” at "Centro Ricerche Venezia" TEMAV, for the establishment of a GaAs single crystals production plant.
• In 1991- 93 was employed at Vacuum s.p.a., R/D department dealing with the development of new quadrupole mass analyser.
• In 1993-95 was a consultant for C.N.R.- MASPEC.
• Nel 1995 jointed the Parma University where in 2004 was appointed associate professor in Analytical Chemistry, role held till present.
• Since 2002 is member of the Italian regulation body (UNI 29 committee) for the issuing of reference analytical methods for the determination of actinide stable isotopes.
• The scientific activity of prof. Claudio Mucchino covers several sectors and topics: growth and chem-physical characterization of bulk materials for electronics and non-linear optics; fundamentals aspect in inorganic mass spectrometry (ICP-MS, SSMS, GDMS); interfacing mass spectrometers with other analytical devices (IC-ICP-MS, GC-ICP-MS, LC-DAD-ICP-MS) and compete automation of the whole analytical process; development of multi-elemental and speciation analytical techniques for the determination of metals at very low levels of concentration and the validation of related methods; development and application of analytical methods based on gas-chromatography and on hyphenated technique liquid chromatography- mass spectrometry.
• He has been scientific responsible for research contracts with leading companies in the field of pharmaceutics, material science and foodstuff. E’ stato anche responsabile scientifico di alcuni contratti di ricerca con società leaders nel campo alimentare, farmaceutico e della scienza dei materiali.
• He co-authored 41 papers published on international journals and he had presented 66 communications at international or national conferences.

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