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• 1987 - graduation from High School (diploma of Scientific Liceum)

• April 15th 1994 - graduation summa cum laude from the School of Veterinary Medicine, experimental thesis entitled "A model of clinico-functional and radiological healing of allogeneic and xenogeneic cortical bone grafts.” - under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Buracco.

• April 26th 1994 – National Italian exam for the licence to practice.

• September 1994 - April 1998 – cohoperation with the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, Turin; then moved to the
Institute for Cancer Research and Cure, Candiolo (TO); studies on molecular oncology about the correlation between MET oncogene and musculo-skeletal tumours.

• April 1996 - March 1997 – annual grant from the Group of Cooperation on Oncology for the “Study of the expression of oncogenes in musculo-skeletal tumours”, at the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, Turin.

• November 2000 - May 2001 – Visiting scholar at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (USA), soft tissue and oncologic surgery Department.

• March 7th 2002 – final exam for the PhD course in Veterinary and Comparative Oncology, at the Department of Animal Pathology – tutor Prof. P. Buracco. PhD project: “Injection-site sarcomas in the cat”.

• September - October 2003 - Visiting scholar at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Madison, Wisconsin, Department of Surgical Science.

• February 2002 - January 2006 - research grant at the Department of Animal Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine of Grugliasco (TO), Soft Tissue Section, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, soft tissue surgery and oncology service.

• May - November 2006: research grant funded by Miur (PRIN 2005) - project “Correlazione tra l'attività dei proteosomi, l'andamento clinico e il quadro istopatologico di neoplasie maligne spontanee del cane e del gatto” [Relation between proteasomes activity, clinical course, and histopathology in malignant spontaneous tumours in dogs and cats], at the Department of Animal Pathology, Section of Surgery. Coordinator prof. P. Buracco

• November 2006 - April 2008 – post-doc research grant at the Department of Animal Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine of Grugliasco (TO), on “Evaluation of procainamide effects on the reduction of renal toxicity induced by cisplatin administration in the dog”.

• May 2008- October2015: Assistant professor of Surgery at the Department of Animal Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine of Grugliasco (TO.

- Since November 2015: Associate professor of Surgery at the Department of Veterinary Sciences of Grugliasco (TO).

• Since the Academic year 2009-2010: co-holder of the course in Veterinary Operative Medicine, for the 5th year students of the School of Veterinary Medicine of Grugliasco (TO).

• Academic year 2009-2010: holder of the course in “Spontaneous tumours in domestic animals as models for comparative oncology” at the School of Biotechnologies of Grugliasco (TO)

• Since March 2008: Italian member of the Veterinary Efficacy Working Party of EMA (European Medicines Agency), London.

• Since March 2011 – member of the 3Rs Joint Ad Hoc Experts Group (JEG) at the EMA, London.

• Since 1999: – Cohoperation in research projects (ex 60%) in clinical and surgical veterinary oncology and in veterinary soft tissue oncology at the Department of Animal Pathology of Grugliasco (TO) and with other Univerity Departments and research Institutions (IST Genoa).

- She was involved in Programmi di Ricerca Scientifica di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale (PRIN):
- 2002: "Valutazione dei meccanismi di evasione dell'immunosorveglianza nei sarcomi iniezione-indotti del gatto per la ricerca di modelli comparativi con l'uomo", coordinator prof. P. Buracco.
- 2008: “Espressione dei recettori tirosina kinasici nell'osteosarcoma canino: sviluppo di bersagli molecolari per l'applicazione di farmaci biologici innovativi.” [Expression of tyrosin Kinases receptors in canine osteosarcoma: development of molecular targets for the application of innovative biological drugs], coordinator prof. L. Della Salda.

- 2008: “Immunoterapia nel trattamento del melanoma maligno del cane” [Immunotherapy for the treatment of canine malignant melanoma], funded by ex 60% fund.

- 2008: investigator for the Italian group in the multicentric clinical trial for a new veterinary antitumoral drug: “A Multi-Center, Randomized, Observer Blind, Controlled, Phase III Study to Determine Efficacy and Safety of Paclical™Vet (paclitaxel (micellar) vs CeeNu™ (lomustine) in Mast Cell Tumors grade II and III in Dog”. Oasmia Pharameceutical.

- 2011 Research funded by AIRC "Multimodal treatment of musculoskeletal sarcomas by targeting proton dynamics and acidic microenvironment", coordinator Prof. N. Baldini.

- 2011 Scientific grant from the Univerity of Turin, funded by the Compagnia di San Paolo "Tyrosine kinases receptors in canine osteosarcoma:molecular targets for innovative therapeutical strategies", principal investigator dr. R. De Maria.

• October 1999 - Translation into Italian of two chapters of the book “Current techniques in small animal surgery”, by M. J. Bojrab; UTET ed., Turin.

• April 2001 – Translation into Italian of five chapters of the book “Manual of small animal fracture repair and management”, by A. Coughlan and A. Miller, British Small Animal Veterinary Association; UTET ed., Turin.

• September 2002: - Contribution to the translation into Italian of the book “Small animal oncology”, di J. Morris e J.M. Dobson, UTET ed.; Turin. Italian ed. “Oncologia clinica”, 2003.

• March 2007 – Author of the book chapters: Biologia neoplastica [Tumour biology], Sarcomi iniezione-indotti felini [Feline injection-site sarcomas], Carcinoma squamocellulare [Squamous cell carcinoma], Tumori d’orofaringe e ghiandole salivari [Tumours of oropharynx and salivay glands] in the book “Oncologia del cane e del gatto”, Elsevier-Masson/EV ed., Milan, 1°ed.

• Invited speaker at courses and congresses on small animals oncology and soft tissue surgery.

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