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LOGIC AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE (M-FIL / 02) - Historical, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences

Teachings (from 2019-20): Logic (three-year course), Logic and grammar (master's degree), Philosophy of science.

Research topics

Theory of deduction (historical aspects), categorical grammars, semantics.

Degree in Philosophy at the University of Bologna
PhD in Philosophy at the University of Bologna
Research grant at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Parma
Researcher 2004-2014 at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Parma
Associate Professor since 2015 - SSD: Logic and Philosophy of Science
Introduction to the logical grammar, Trauben, Torino 2000.
The logic of Boethius, Angeli, Milan 2005.
The logical grammar of Abelard, Kluwer ("Synthese Historical Library"), Dordrecht 2005.
The Problem of Universals from Boethius to John of Salisbury, Brill (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History), 2018

Friday 10-11 am

During the lessons on Friday from 11 to 12 explanations are provided and exercises are corrected

I currently hold three-year and magistral Logic teachings. The goal of the three-year Logic course is to provide a knowledge of the logic of propositions and predicates. The presentation of the different systems is in natural derivation style. After providing some historical elements, we move on to introduce the language and derivation procedures. Particular importance is given to the techniques of discovery of the tests. The subject of the magistral logic course is the syntactic and semantic analysis of natural language. Currently, some modern and contemporary theories are proposed that propose logical and linguistic analyzes; in particular those Ajdukiewicz, Lambek, Montague.

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  • Course year: 1 - Second cycle degree - PHILOSOPHY - A.Y.: 2013/2014



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