PIRONDI Alessandro

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2017 - pres., FullProfessor, Machine Design, University of Parma
2002 - 2016, Associate Professor, Machine Design, University of Parma
2003 Visiting scientist, GKSS Research Centre, Geesthacht (D)
1997 - 2002, Assistant Professor, Machine design, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, University of Parma, Italy
1999 PhD in Mechanics of Materials, University of Pisa
1997 Research fellow, Dept. Industrial Engineering, University of Parma, Italy
1995 - 1996 Research fellow, German Aerospace Center - DLR, Cologne, Germany
1995 Research fellowship, Pirelli Coordinamento Pneumatici, Milan, Italy
1994 Degree in Mechanical Engineering,University of Parma, Italy
Research activities deal with: damage and fracture mechanics in the assessment of the integrity of materials and structures, mechanical design of electronic packaging, design of machine elements. Author of over 200 contributions to referred journals and conference proceedings. In 2002 won the ASTM Outstanding Article Award for the paper published on Journal of Testing and Evaluation "J-integral evaluation of single-edge notched specimens under mixed-mode I/II loading" co-authored with C. Dalle Donne. Since 2001 belongs to the steering committee the PhD program in Industrial Engineering, University of Parma. Since 1995 member of the Italian Society for Experimental Mechanics (AIAS) and of the Italian Group of Fracture (IGF).

Completion accademic year: 2020/2021

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