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Associate professor of sector VET 01: anatomy of domestic animals, has been operating since 1992 at the Department of Veterinary Sciences at Parma University.

From October 24, 2018 he has the National Scientific Qualification to cover the functions of Full Professor.

Member of the Italian Veterinary Morphology Society (A.M.V.), Italian Society of Veterinary Sciences (S.I.S.Vet.), Italian Society for Biomaterials (S.I.B.) and of the European Society for Biomaterials (E.S.B.).

He is involved in local, national and international projects on the following topics:

  • use of static and dynamic histomorphometric techniques for studies of bone tissue; polarized light microscopy; densitometry; X-ray and backscattered difrattometry,
  • use of rabbit and sheep experimental models for the study of the biocompatibility, osteogenesis, osteointegration of osteoinductive and osteoconductive biomaterials,
  • morphostructural evaluation of biomimetic functionalization,
  • histological and anatomical studies, for the development and validation of new animal models for pre-clinical research in the pulmonary field,
  • studies for the characterization of animal muscles.

Author of more than 150 publications in national and international journals, conference proceedings and book chapters.

Reviewer for international journals in the bone and biomaterials field.

He is a member of the Admissions Commission for the first year of the in the Degree Course of Veterinary Medicine.

Advisor of the Spin-off Company of the University of Parma ART (Apta Regenerative Technologies).

Member of the Organizing Committee of events related to the "European Researchers Night".

Member of the PhD School Committee of Veterinary Science.

Member of the “Departmental Spaces Management” and “E.A.E.V.E” Commissions.

Member of the PhD School Committee of Veterinary Science.

Vice-Director of the School of Specialization in "Inspection of Food of Animal Origin".

Regarding the teaching activity, over the years, he has taught courses within the SSD Vet/01 in various Faculties or Departments of the University of Parma.

Current teaching activity,in the Degree Course of Veterinary Medicine:

“Veterinary Histology and General Embryology’’,

“Normal Veterinary Anatomy 2”,

“Anatomical Structures of Primary Productions of Animal Origin”.

The Teacher receives by appointment, to be agreed via email.

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