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Mario Baratta 0000-0003-2537-6429

• MVD University of Parma (Italy) in 1990
• PhD in "Neuroendocrinology in farm animals" in 1994 University of Bologna (Italy)
• Assistant Researcher in Veterinary Physiology, University of Parma, (Italy) in 1994
• Associate Professor in Veterinary Physiology, University of Turin, Italy in 2001
• Full Professor of Veterinary Physiology University of Turin, Italy in 2006

• 2002-2008 Vice Head-Department of Veterinary Morphophysiology University of Turin, Italy
• 2008-2012 Head-Department of Veterinary Morphophysiology University of Turin, Italy
• 2004-2007 chairman of the Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology to Public and Animal Health, University of Turin.
• 2011-2012 seconded national expert in the panel “Animal Health and Animal Welfare at EFSA (European Food Safety Agency), Parma (Italy)
• 2011-2014 member of the European Biotechnology Network, Brussels
• 2014: Member of the working group “Biomarkers” in European Network granted by EU: COST FA 1308 “Dairycare: bringing welfare into focus” (
• 2014: Coordinator of the Graduate School in Veterinary Science for Animal Health and Food Safety, University of Turin, Italy

International education

1993-1994: internship at the Institut fur Tierzucht und Tierverhalten (Hannover, Germany) under the direction of Prof. Parvizi, in a research project on the molecular basis of the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary regulated by endorphins funded by the German Ministry of Agriculture.
1997-1999: post-doc for a project on the control of gonadotropin secretion by the transcription factors SF-1 activity and paracrine factors to activate follistatin-played at the ‘ARBL, supervisor Terry Nett Lab, Colorado State University, CO, USA.
2004 and 2005 EMBO mobility grants in Institute of Biomedical Research of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Frankfurt (Germany) directed by Prof. Berd Groner on mammary gland development
2015: University of Sydney, winner of IRCA (International Research Collaboration Award), visiting professor

Teaching activity in the last 7 years:

Professor of Physiology of Animal Production (6CFU) in the degree course in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Turin

Professor of the Neurophysiology Module (2CFU) in the Veterinary Medicine degree course at the University of Turin

Professor of the course in English of Physiology of Nutrition in the course of International Master's Degree in English of Animal Science (LM-86) (2 CFU)

Professor of Physiology of Animal Production at the Postgraduate Specialization School in School of HYGIENE AND TECHNOLOGY OF MEAT at the University of Turin (3 CFU), 2015-2017

Lecturer of the two-year Master II Level "QUALITY, FOOD SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITY OF THE MILK CHAIN" of the University of Turin 2012

Professor of Physiology of Lactation and Muscle in the Postgraduate Specialization School in the School of INSPECTION OF FOOD at the University of Turin (2 CFU) 2017-2019

Awards for scientific activity

Winner of an international award organized by the University of Sydney (AU): International Research Collaboration Award (IRCA AWARD 2014) for the project: "Bovine mammary stem cells homeostasis: evaluation of replacement of animal models with an in vitro system"

Official assignment of teaching or research assignments (fellowships) at highly qualified international and foreign universities and research institutes;

April 2015-August 2015: Visiting Scientist at the University of Sydney, (11th Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the world ranking in 2015) which awarded and funded a research project on the development of three-dimensional culture of mammary-derived IPCS cells in the bovine species financed by the same faculty.

Bibliometrical indexes (adjourned: 24.03.2022):
Number of publications: 80 (Scopus) 77 (WoS)
Citations: 1780 (Scopus) 2026 (WoS)
H-Index: 20 (Scopus) 22 (WoS)

Other qualifications:

- ESEVT expert for the formation of the EAEVE evaluation commission for the degree course in Veterinary Medicine in Europe.
- AVA Disciplinary Expert for Veterinary Science (National Agency for the evaluation of the university and research system)
- Member of Intelligence Unit (QSIU) University of Murcia, Spain for the QS World University Ranking
- Since 2011 he is on the Board of national experts seconded to EFSA (Animal Health and Welfare Unit, AHAW)
- External evaluator for career upgrade to Full Professor for the Universities of Edinburgh (UK, 2015) and University of Sydney (AU, 2018)
- Member of the competition commission from full professor for the University of Messina (2016), Padua (2017) and Bari (2018)
- Commission member for competition for associate professor for University of Perugia (2016) and Parma (2019)
- Member of the commission for the final PhD exam at the University of Sassari (2012), Parma (2012), Messina (2012).
Management of magazines, editorial collections, encyclopedias and treaties of recognized prestige

Editor or editorial board member activity

- In the 2004-2007 three-year period he was called to the Editorial Board of the international journal Domestic Animal Endocrinology where he also regularly worked as a referee
- From 2013 in the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Veterinary Medicine
- Since 2016 he has been called in the Editorial Board of the Journal of Dairy Research where he also carries out regular referee activities
- From the 2018 Associate Editor in Frontiers in Veterinary Medicine for the Research Topics edition
- In 2018 editor of a book called Epithelial Cell Culture from the Springer Protocols series in the SpringerNature Edition, New York

Present in the Referee Board of the following international journals:

- Endocrinology
- J. of Endocrinology
- Domestic Animal Endocrinology
- J Dairy Science
- Hormone and Metabolic Research
- Biology of Reproduction
- Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
- J. of Biomedicine and Biotechnology
- Frontiers in Veterinary Medicine
- Stem Cell and Development

Scientific Reviewer Activity:

Reviewer for Italian ministerial projects (MIUR)
Reviewer for strategic projects of the Universities of Bologna, Padua, Teramo, Pavia, Messina
Reviewer for Indian Science Foundation (India)
Horizon 2020 Project Reviewer
Reviewer for ISF auditor (Israel Science Foundation)
Reviewer of excellence projects of BBSRC, UK Research and Innovation funds (United Kingdom, UK)
Reviewer for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel
Reviewer for National Research Agency (ANR), France
Appointed for the three-year period 2017-2019 member of the evaluation commission for strategic projects of Bank (Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo, Padua)
Appointed for the three-year period 2018-2020 as member of the evaluation commission for the excellence doctorates present at the University of Padua promoted by the Cassa di Risparmio of Padua and Rovigo

Invited speaker in the last 7 years:

- Functional identification of staminal niche in bovine mammary gland. Intern. Workshop on the biology of mammary glands, University of Udine, 6 May 2011
- European Biotechnology Network, Biotechnology in Application Farm to Fork, 18 October 2011 Brussels: Stem cell in mammary gland: a target for manipulation aimed at persistent milk production and a secretion of transgenes in dairy cow

- European Biotechnology Network, Biotechnology in Application Agriculture, food, energy and environment, 12 December 2011 University of Warwick (UK): Stem cells in process and production.
- A functional approach to the identification of bovine mammary stem / progenitor cells. Roslin Institute, BBSRC, University of Edinburgh, 7 October 2011, Edinburgh, GB
- University of Sydney (AU), 26 June 2015: IPCS cell from mammary gland: a model to study mammary epithelialial differentiation, Faculty meeting
- TERMIS_EU Uppsala 28- June-1 July 2016 Keynote: Purification of ruminant stem cell population and uses it for production of transgenic proteins in vivo
- ISSCA First Meeting Turin Lingotto, 18 October 2016; Main Lecture: Identification of bovine primitive mammary cells in different matrices
- Dairy CareCost, Billund 23-24 November 2017 Keynote: Development of new biosensors to evaluate cardiovascular parameters
- Dairy Care Cost Palma de Mallorca 27-28 November 2017, keynote: Use of biosensors to evaluate acute stress in small ruminants

Teaching staff mobility

In recent years he has participated in the project of international exchange of European teachers with a series of lessons (8 hours scheduled for each visit) carried out at some European faculties for students of the degree course in Veterinary Medicine and doctoral students: -

- University of Murcia 2-5 May 2016
- Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) 28 February-3 March 2017
Results obtained in technology transfer in terms of participation in the creation of new companies (spin off), development, use and marketing of patents

The research is characterized in the last 5 years into four specific areas:
1- Animal welfare and acute or chronic stress in dairy cow: biomarkers
a. Adults stem cells in the mammary gland of dairy cow.
b. Somatic cells in milk and aging in dairy cow
2- Processes that develop, increase and differentiate muscle in beef cattle.
3-Analysis of the action of xenobiotics to hormonal activity (nutraceuticals) in mammary gland of dairy cow.

Scientific metrics: 67 ISI publications; 22 national publications; 1434 citations; H-index = 20

Scientific responsibility for international and national research projects, eligible for funding on the basis of competitive calls for proposals involving peer review

• Bank Foundation (CRC) Agriculture 4.0: Smartsheep: use of new biosensors in the control of animal health and the movement of a flock on the mountain pasture. 2019-2021 (230,000 euros)
• European project coordinator HORIZON 2020, (from 15 October 2018 to 30 September 2020) SUSAN-ERANET "Ecolamb" (1,800,000 euros)
• National Coordinator of PRIN 2013-2016 (645,000 Euro) Sustainability between conventional dairy farming systems and longevity: models of dry management and biomarker of stress and organic aging
• Project unit coordinator HORIZON 2020, 2017-2020 SUSAN-ERANET "Ecolamb" from 2017-2020 (223000 Euro): Holistic production to reduce the ecological footprint of meat
• Accelerating grant 2012 Purification of mammary stem cell to produce transgenic proteins San Paolo 70000 Euros
• Bank Foundation CRC 60000 Euros Role of miRNA on enhancing the effect of the myostatin gene mutation in the muscular hypertrophy of the Piedmontese breed
• Bank Foundation San Paolo 80000 Euros Transductional mechanisms underlying the growth and involution of the mammary gland and its tumor alterations. 2006 € 80,000
• Coordinator of the Research Unit PRIN 2005-2008 of Nutriaceutic Mechanism of Action on Mammogenesis and Lactogenesis in an In Vitro Model of Bovine and Murine Mammary Gland

The teacher is available to students by appointment via email

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