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Qualified as full professor since 2018, from 2009 she’s associated professor of “Sociology of law, deviance and social change” (SPS/12) working at the Department of Law in Parma, where is teaching "Sociology of deviance", “Sociology of law” and "Criminology". Since 2018 she is the Director of CIRS, Interdipartimental Research Center of UNIPR. In the same University ( 2012-2019) she has been the president of the Social Work ( BA and Master Degree Courses). She has been developing for many years theoretical study and empirical research on the evolution tendencies of law and justice in the juvenile context. Her scientific production is focused on the relationship between society and institutions, and highlights a deep interest in studying the role of the social service in the interaction with the legal system; that interest brought her to observe the creation of the conditions for the inclusion or exclusion of the deviant minors. Recently, she focused also on studies about the practice to support the rights of children and of adolescents and about the migratory phenomena and the social and penal policies toward the foreign minors. Since 1997 she has been participating in several projects of research developed by the “Carlo Bo” Urbino University about themes connected to the rights of minors, before as member and afterwards as internal manager and developer. She was coordinator of the scientific Committee and developer of the Master Degreee about the theme “Promotion of the social participation" in “Carlo Bo” Urbino University, Faculty of Sociology. Vice- Coordinator of the PhD Course in “Sociology of the Cultural phenomena and normative processes”, “Carlo Bo” Urbino University (a.y. 2003-2004 to 2005/06). Member of the CIRSFIA (Inter-universitary Centre of Family and Youth Studies and Researches). Coordinator of the Scientific Commitee of the International Master's Degree in “Family-related Policies and Social Service in Europe“, at the University of Parma, academic year 2006/07. With the Department of Criminal Law, she is participating in 'EUROJustis' and 'Fiducia' research programs, into the FP7-EU Program. She's expert for EUCPN, Ministry of Justice, Rome, and ha ben recently member of the scientific committee of the AIS, Sociology of Law Section.

 Students are welcome on Thursday, from 11.00  to 13.00, Criminal Sciences Area. 

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