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ANTONELLA CASOLI is graduate in Chemistry (July 1980).
Researcher at the General and inorganic Chemistry Department, University of Parma, 1983 -1998.
Associate professor of Analytical chemistry at the Chemistry Department, University of Parma, 1998-2011.
Full professor of Environmental and cultural heritage Chemistry at the Department of Chemical Science, life and environmental sustainability, University of Parma, 2011- today.

President of the Council of Sciences for conservation and restoration Course (2001-2013).
In recent years, his main teaching has been Chemistry of cultural heritage and lab. (12 CFU) of the master's degree course in Sciences for conservation and restoration.

She is registered in the ANVUR System evaluation experts ' register since 2013.

Author of 200 papers (international publications, conference proceedings, books, chapter in books) especially in the field of cultural heritage Chemistry. In July 2007, “Science” published her article “Ancient Biomolecules from Deep Ice Cores Reveal a Forested Southern Greenland.

Since 1986 she carries out researches in the application of the chemistry to Cultural Heritage field.
Her research can be summarized in four main topics:
1. Development and application of analytical methods for the characterization and conservation of works of art: including the identification of binding media and pigments in paintings, and the study of ageing process of organic materials in works of art.
2. Analytical testing of original cleaning methods on works of art
3- Archaeometric studies of excavated materials. Studies on the provenance and the work technology of archaeological ceramics and glass were carried out. The choice of the materials by potters as a function of use and physical properties and the effect of firing on ceramic materials were investigated.
4- Anthropology studies. Studies on ancient DNA and racemization level of amino acids on human remains (bones and teeth) belonging to the Etruscan (VII-III century b.C.), Nuragic (IX-VII century b.C.), Piceni (VII-III century b.C.), Italian Neolithic populations and single interesting remains, like Paglicci 25and Paglicci 12 (Palaeolithic period), Neandertal specimens, Evangelist Luke, and Conte Ugolino della Gherardesca were carried out.

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