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Born in Brescia (Italy) in August 14th 1954. In 1977 Honours degree at the University of Parma. From 1978 to 1981 CNR fellowship; since 1981 she is Research Associate at the University of Parma, Dept. of Physics.
Her research activity is oriented in the theoretical study of electrical transport, treating the transport equations both analytically and numerically, in different materials interesting for their applications. At the beginning she has devoted her attention to the ionized gases, useful for their applications in the power lasers. Since 1986 she investigated high Tc superconductors, by analysing the transport properties both above and below Tc. Above Tc she studied the electron-phonon interaction with a renormalization of the electronic self-energy . For this study she has also codified an useful Monte Carlo algorithm with takes into account of the Pauli principle, allowing to simulate the transport in superconductors. A lot of attention was devoted to the study of dissipative effects in the superconducting zone (TTc, due to the charge disomogeneity.
Author of over 50 papers in international journals, she partecipated to over 25 international conferences and she was invited to give lectures in (5 in the last five years)

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