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Born in Fidenza (1969), graduated summa cum laude in Physics at the University of Parma. PhD in Applied Physics (1997), university researcher (1999) and associate professor (2002) in Applied Physics at the faculty of Engineering of the University of Parma. The research activity is focused mainly on heat transfer enhancement techniques. In particular she has focalized the research work on the study of the forced convection in corrugated and curved tubes for fluids showing complex rheological behaviour, with particular attention to the problems of the food industry. The Ph.D. thesis work, centered on this subject, obtained an Honourable Mention within the EUROTHERM Young Scientist Prize and Awards 2000. By adopting the numerical analysis approach, she has deepened the argument with the aim of studying the effects on the convection mechanism due to the onset of instabilities in the velocity boundary layer. At the same time, her research activity has been focused also on both a theoretical and experimental study on the solution of the Inverse Heat Conduction problem and on the validation of data processing techniques applied to the estimation of the local convective heat transfer coefficient. She has also developed significant research activity about the energy analisys of integrated systems by considering also the application of borehole heat exchangers to ground coupled heat pumps. She is author and/or coauthor of about 100 scientific publications at both national and international level and she is frequent reviewer for several International Scientific Journals. She has been national coordinator of the project "Innovative techniques for the enhancement of forced convection" founded by the Italian Ministry in year 2007. She is Associate Editor of the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer. Since November 2017 he is Pro-Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs at the University of Parma.

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