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1987: Pharm. D., July 1987: Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Parma, Italy. G.P.A.: 110/110 with honour.
1988: From 1/11/1988 to 31/10/1991, PhD student Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.
1991: From 1/8/1991 to 31/10/1998, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Parma.
1992: Ph. D., April 1992: Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology. Thesis: "Transdermal delivery of drugs controlled by iontophoresis".
1998: From 1/11/1998 to 31/10/2002 she was Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, in the Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Parma.
2002: From 1/11/2002 she is Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, in the Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Parma.

She is co-author of 92 papers published in international journals, 5 book chapters, 10 patents, 170 congress communications, of which 20 as invited speaker.

Main research interests:
Her research activity is on controlled dug delivery, in particular:
1.Study of the transdermal delivery of drugs and cosmetics
2.Study of transdermal and ocular iontophoresis
3.Study of the ocular delivery of drugs (including macromolecules).
4.Study of the buccal delivery of drugs.

List of main publication relevant to the project:
1.In-vitro transcleral iontophoresis of high molecular weight neutral compounds, S. Nicoli, G. Ferrari, M. Quarta, C. Macaluso, P. Santi, Eur. J. Pharm. Sci., in press
2.Porcine sclera as a model for human sclera in in vitro transport experiments: histology, sem microscopy and comparative permeability, S. Nicoli, G. Ferrari, M. Quarta, C. Macaluso, P. Govoni, D. Dallatana, P. Santi, Moleculer Vision, in press
3.Transdermal delivery of aminoglycosides: amikacin transport and iontophoretic non invasive monitoring, S. Nicoli, P. Santi, J. Control. Release, 111 (1-2), 89-94 (2006)
4.The influence of iontophoresis on acyclovir transport and accumulation in rabbit ear skin, C. Padula, F. Sartori, F. Marra, P. Santi, Pharm. Res., 22 (9), 1519-1524 (2005)

International experience:
1.University of Lille (F), Faculty of Pharmacy, Ph. D. student, November 1988-April 1989;
2.University of California of San Francisco (CA, USA), Departments of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Visiting Assistant Professor, January-December 1994;
3.Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (F), Invited Professor, february 2003.

2.ERASMUS (European Student Exchange Program) Fellowship, 1988-1989.
3.A.F.I.-T.R.F. PHARMA WORKS award, 1992, for the paper Partition and transport of verapamil and nicotine through artificial membranes", P. Santi, P.L. Catellani, P. Colombo, C. Ringard-Lefebvre, C. Barthélémy, A.M. Guyot-Hermann, Int. J. Pharm., 68, 43-49 (1991).
4.Member of the Board of Scientific Advisor of CRS for the period June 2001-June 2004.

Teaching Experience at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Parma:
•"Pharmaceutical technology" (1998-)
•“Cosmetic Products” (1996-2004),
•“Pharmaceutical Formulation and Preformulation” (1995-98)

She has been advisor of 6 PhD students in Biopharmaceutics-Pharmacokinetics.

She is member of the following societies:
CRS (Controlled Release Society)
AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists)
ADRITELF (Associazione Docenti e Ricercatori di Tecnica e Legislazione Famaceutiche)
APGI (Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle)

Other activities at the University of Parma:
1.She was member of the Board of advisor of the Department of Pharmacy (1995-1998 e 2001-2008)
2.She is vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy (2010-).

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