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Academic studies and positions

- 10/2014
National Academic Qualification as Associate Professor

- 2009-2015
Assistant Professor, lecture course on “Water Geochemistry”

- 01/11/2008
Researcher at Department of Earth Sciences - University of Parma

- 17/05/2008-17/08/2008
“Isotope geochemistry” scholarship at Department of Earth Sciences - University of Parma

- 01/02/2004-31/01/2008
Research Assistant in Geochemistry, Department of Earth Sciences - University of Parma

- 2003
PhD in Earth Sciences - University of Parma.
Thesis on water geochemistry: “Geochemical and geochemical-isotopic study on extreme compositional and thermal waters from the Northern Apennines”
(PhD thesis discussion: 30/Apr/2004; PhD certificate: 24/Jun/2004)

- 1999
Master Degree in Geological Sciences - University of Bologna.
Thesis on water geochemistry: “Geochemical-isotopic study on the phreatic waters of Vulcano (Aeolian Islands)”.

Main scientific fields of interest

I. Water-rock interaction at low and high temperatures and geochemical characterization of the minerals and fluids involved;
II. Chemical analysis and interpretation of major elements, inorganic compounds and trace elements in various kinds of water samples by classic and/or innovative methods;
III. Isotopic studies concerning waters [18O/16O(H2O), 2H/1H(H2O), 3H], aqueous and mineral sulfur species [34S/32S(sulfate/sulfide); 18O/16O(SO4)], dissolved alogens (81Br/79Br, 37Cl/35Cl), boron (11B/10B), lithium (7Li/6Li), strontium (87Sr/86Sr), gases [e.g. 13C(CH4), 2H(CH4)…]

Other Activities

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Thomson Researcher ID: F-8446-2011

Scopus Author ID: 6507680226

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Boschetti T, Iacumin P, Gaia D, Ortona A

(Deposit date: 03-Apr-2009; Publication date: 04-Jun-2010)

Title: Reactor device for chemical and isotopic analyses.

Applicants: University of Parma, Thermo Fisher Scientific

EPO code: EP2236208


Boschetti T, Iacumin P

(Deposit date: 03-Aug-2007; Publication date: 04-Mar-2009)

Title: Reactor device for isotopic analyses.

Applicant: University of Parma

EPO code: EP2031387


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