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Personal informations

Name: Stefano Rozzi
Date of birth: 16/03/1974
Address: Department of Neuroscience, University of Parma, via Volturno, 39 43125, Parma, Italy
Tel.: +39 0521 903879


1999: Degree in medicine (M.D.) at the University of Pavia (110/110 cum laude)
2000-2004: Ph.D. in Neuroscience in 2004 at the University of Parma.
2005: Postdoctoral fellow at department of Neuroscience of Parma University.

2005-present: Assistant professor (“ricercatore”) at the section of Human Physiology of the Department of Neuroscience of the University of Parma.

Research interests.

The major research interest is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the cerebral cortex by means of anatomical and physiological techniques. Main lines of research are:
• study of cortical connections of premotor, posterior parietal and prefrontal areas.
• electrophysiological study of neural properties of ventral premotor and inferior parietal cortex (sensori-motor transformations).
• Study of the role of premotor, parietal and prefrontal areas in cognitive functions such as action perception and relationship between action perception and cognition (Mirror mechanism).
• Study of the role of prefrontal cortex in executive functions.

Completion accademic year: 2019/2020

Completion accademic year: 2018/2019

Completion accademic year: 2017/2018

Completion accademic year: 2016/2017

Completion accademic year: 2015/2016

Completion accademic year: 2014/2015

Completion accademic year: 2013/2014


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