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Marco Gardini graduated in 1994 with a dissertation in Roman Law ("Proposte per una elaborazione informatica del titolo del Digesto ad legem Aquiliam").

After completing his formation abroad (LL.M Pittsburgh University, U.S.A., 1997, magna cum laude, and "Brussels Seminar on the law and institutions of the European Community" at the Institut d'Etudes Européennes, Bruxelles), from 1998 to 2001 he worked at the research project THEMIS on Artificial Intelligence and Law, under the supervision of prof. Carlo Beduschi.

During these years he combined the commitment to research with a work experience in the law firm Zambelli-Luzzati-Meregalli (Milano).

Since 2001 he has focused his activity to teaching and research, while keeping a constant interest in the most current local and global legal issues.

In 2008 he was visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of law, where he taught the course "Comparative legal cultures".

Since February 2014 he has been participating to the five year project REDHIS, “Rediscovering the hidden structure. A new appreciation of Juristic texts and Patterns of thought in Late Antiquity”. The project was selected and funded as ERC Advanced Grant 2013. Principal Investigator Dario Mantovani; host Institution: University of Pavia, Italy (

In  the fall semester of 2018 he was back at the University of Pittsburgh School of law, where he taught the course "Comparative legal cultures".

He is also returning on topics related to Artificial Intelligence and Law. With reference to this last subject, in October 2018, he gave a lecture at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law on the legal implications of the “Moral Machine” developed by the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (““Driverless Cars and Ancient Roman Torts: Alfenus’ Mule and the Moral Machine””).

He has also joined two research units at UCB (Parma), University Center of Bioethics, where he is investigating two lines of research: new pre-natal tests and wrongful life claims; Blockchain and strong anonymity for clinical researches on DNA.  

Wednesday 17-19 on Teams.


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