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Fausto Pagnotta is PhD in Political Studies (History of Political Doctrines - Political Philosophy) at Sapienza University of Rome.

▪︎ Postdoctoral Research Fellow (History of Political Doctrines - Sociology of Cultural and Comunicative Processes) in Department of Engineering and Architecture - University of Parma.

▪︎ Adjunct Professor at University of Parma (

He collaborates with the Chair of History of Political Doctrines at University of Parma.

Scientific affiliations:

▪︎ Member of Laboratory for the History of political thought "De Cive" - University of Parma (

▪︎ Member of the Interdipartimental Center for Social Research - University of Parma (

▪︎ Member of Italian Society of Political Philosophy - SIFP (

▪︎ Member of the European Society for the History of Political Thought - ESHPT.

▪︎ Scientific member of The International Society of Cicero’s Friends (SIAC).

Member of the editorial board of scientific journals:

▪︎ Member of the Editorial Board of "CICERONIANA ONLINE. A Journal of Roman Thought", ISSN 2532-5353 (;

▪︎ Member of the Editorial Board of "PAPYROTHEKE. Studi e Testi di Papirologia e Cultura Scrittoria Antica", Athenaeum Edizioni Universitarie, Parma, ISSN 2612-3649 (

Research Interests: History of Political Thought  · Political Philosophy  ·  Ancient Political Thought  ·  History of Political Ideas  ·  Cicero  · Machiavelli · Humanism ·  Reinhart Koselleck  ·  Begriffsgeschichte  ·  History of concepts  ·  History of Women in Philosophy  ·  Women's political representation  ·  Digital Humanities  ·  Political Sociology  ·  Digital Culture. profile:




















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Office location
Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Architettura (Parco Area delle Scienze 181/A)
Parco Area delle Scienze, 181/A
43124 PARMA