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Full Professor in Mathematical Analysis at the University of Parma since December 2015.

-Post-doc at Carnegie Mellon University (2001-2004)
-Ricercatore at SISSA of Trieste (2004-2010)
- Associate Professor at the University of Parma (2010-2015)


Max Planck Institute of Leipzig, Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh, University of Warwick (UK),
University of Bristol (UK), Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics of Bonn, Ecole Polytechnique of Paris, Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne, Universite' de Paris VII, Istituto Tecnico Superior of Lisbon, University of Jyvaskyla, University of Austin, National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan, University of Wollongong (Australia).


- PhD thesis of Filippo Cagnetti, defended on October 2007;
-PhD thesis of Marco Bonacini, defended on October 2013;
-PhD thesis of Riccardo Cristoferi, to be defended on September 2015.


- Workshop on “Advances in Nonlinear Analysis”, Carnegie Mellon University, June 2003;
- Minisymposium “Contemporary Developments in Calculus of Variations and PDE”,
within SIAM Conference on PDE, Boston, July 2006.
- Minisymposium ``Variational Methods in Materials Science'', within SIAM conference on PDE, Miami, December 2009.
- Summer School: "Topics in Calculus of Variations and Applications", l'Università di Parma, 1–4 ottobre 2012.

INVITED LECTURES: invited as a speaker at about 30 international workshops, schools, and minisymposia. The most recent are:

-Minisymposium “Modern Methods and Applications of the Calculus of
Variations”, ICIAM 2011, Vancouver, July 2011;
– Workshop on Variational Analysis, Erice, May 2012;
– Workshop on Geometric Inequalities in Calculus of Variations, Pisa, July 2012;
– ERC Workshop on Geometric Partial Differential Equations, Pisa, September 2012;
– “5th Trilateral Meeting on Nonlinear
Partial Differential Equations between Australia, Italy, and Taiwan”, Wollongong, Australia, December 2012;
– Minisymposium “Mathematical Methods for Epitaxial Growth", SIAM Materials
Meeting, Philadelphia (USA), June 2013;
– Minisymposium “Nonlocal variational problems", SIAM Materials Meeting, Philadelphia, June 2013;
– ERC Workshop on Variational Views in Mechanics and Materials, Pavia, June 2013;
– Mini-course “An isoperimetric problem with long-range interactions”, ERC School on Geometric Functional Inequalities and Shape Optimization, Naples, September 2013;
– Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and Applications, Pisa, February 2014;
– Mini-course "Local and global minimality results for an isoperimetric problem
with long range interactions", within the ERC School on Free Discontinuity
Problems. Centro De Giorgi, Pisa, July 2014;
– Workshop "Trends in Nonlinear Analysis", Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon, July 2014;
– Workshop “Analytic and geometric methods in Calculus of Variations and
Pde’s”, Rome, September 2014;
– Mini-course "On a nonlocal isoperimetric problem", NCTS, Hsinchu, Taiwan, October 2014;
– Workshop on Calculus of Variations and related topics, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, October 2014;
–Conference on Calculus of Variations, PDE, and Geometric Measure Theory, University of Sussex, September 7-8 2015;
– Workshop on Mathematical Models of Defects and Patterns, New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, January 5-8 2016;
– Workshop on New Challenges for the Calculus of Variations Stemming from Problems in the Materials Sciences and Image Processing, Montreal (CA), May 16-20 2016;
– Lecce Conference in the Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, Lecce, October 4-7 2016;
–Minisymposium “Nonlocal variational problems", within the Mathematical Congress of the Americas, Montréal (CA), July 24–28 2017;
– Minisymposium “Progress in Non-local Variational Problems", within the SIAM Conference on Analysis of PDE’s, held in Baltimore (USA), December 9–12 2017;
– Workshop on Topics in the Calculus of Variations: Recent Advances and New Trends, held at BIRS, Banff (CA), May 20—25, 2018;
– Workshop “Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory at Sussex”, University of Sussex, Brighton (UK), July 2—4, 2018;
–Workshop “Fifth Workshop on Thin structures'', Napoli, September 13-15 2018;
–Workshop “Quantum trails and surroundings'', Politecnico di Torino, September 27-29 2018;
–Selected as a member and speaker of the Italian delegation for the “7th Trilateral Meeting on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations between Australia, Italy, and Taiwan”, Tainan, Taiwan, January 23 – 27 2019.

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