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Marco Silvestri worked in automation and industrial vision fields as developer, responsible for validating automated machinery and head of R&D of an automated equipment manufacturer.
Since 2002 he is researcher and then associate professor at University of Parma, where he’s one of the initiators of the laboratory Smart Production Lab 4.0 and he is in charge of the Automated production systems lab. Since 2011 he is docent-researcher at the University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland.
He holds courses of Industrial Automation and Mechatronics, is member of the board of the PhD School in Industrial Engineering and is chief scientist of several research and technology transfer projects.
He has been a co-founder of M3datek, an academic spinoff developing 3D printing technologies for medical devices manufacturing.

Work experience
2020 – PRESENT: Innosuisse, Swiss Innovation Agency, Einsteinstrasse 2, 3003 Bern, Switzerland
• Sector: Government Innovation Agency
• Position: Expert
• Activities: Evaluation of proposals for research and innovation projects, and other technology transfer activities.
2011 – PRESENT: SUPSI – University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Le Gerre, via Pobiette 11, CH-6928 Manno, Switzerland
• Sector: Academia
• Position: Docent Researcher
• Activities: lecturing, PI and WP leader of research projects, supervisor of BSC and MSc thesis.
2002 – PRESENT: University of Parma, via Università 12, 43121, Parma, Italy
• Sector: Academia
• Position: Researcher and, since 2022, Associate Professor
• Activities: lecturing, PI and WP leader of research projects, supervisor of MSc thesis. Member of the Board of the PhD School in Industrial Engineering and doctoral supervisor of 10 PhD students.
2016 – 2020: M3datek srl, Parco Area delle Scienze 27/A, 43124, Parma, Italy
• Sector: Medical devices
• Position: Co-founder and CTO
• Activities: Establishing, on the company engineering side, the technical vision and lead all aspects of technology development, partnerships, external relationships as well as building and managing the development team.
2002 – 2005: Vicivision s.r.l. 1, via Corradini, 43036, Fidenza (PR), Italy
• Sector: Automated machines using vision systems for measuring and quality control applied to precision manufacturing of medical devices and pharmaceutical ampoules.
Position: Project manager. After receiving a university tenure, I continued my collaboration as a consultant for the implementation of GAMP.
• Activities: Designing the vision system (hardware, software, interface with PLCs), Developing bespoke software in C++, Managing customer and suppliers. Implementing GAMP life cycle and writing specifications and verification (IQ, OQ, PQ, PV) protocols / reports
2000 – 2002: Tecnomec s.r.l. 346, via dell’industria, 41058 Vignola (MO), Italy
• Sector: Food-industry internal handling and automation.
• Position: Head of research and development
• Activities: Developing automated equipment and control systems for meat industry. Coordinating mechanical design and control system development. PLC programming.
1986 – 1996: Freelance software developer
• Sector: Personal Computer Magazines
• Activities: Developing software programs in Basic and Assembler language.

Principal Investigator of the following Competitive Projects:
2021: OUTMOVES: Optimised Uniform Trajectories for fast-MOving, Vibration-free and Energy efficient Systems
• Academic funding: 402'505 CHF (Innosuisse, CH) and 36’500 CHF (ASTES4 SA)
• Partners: SUPSI, ASTES4 SA
2013: HPMEDM - High Performance Measuring and Micro Electrical Discharge Machining
• Partners: SUPSI, SARIX SA
• Academic funding: 660'015 CHF (CTI, CH) and 71’280 CHF (SARIX SA)
2009: Study, design and prototype construction of an innovative machine for integrated tightness control and particle of pharmaceutical bags. – G.F. S.p.A.
• Partners: University of Parma, G.F. S.p.A.
• Academic funding: 60’000 EUR (PRRIITT Emilia-Romagna, IT)

WP responsible within the following Competitive Projects:
2022: MaintAIn: AI supported hybrid Predictive Maintenance
• Funding: Innosuisse (CH)
• Partners: SUPSI, ZHAW, Saecon SA, SMC Schweiz AG, Jabil Schweiz AG, TCI SA
2019: INCANTO PrINT: Analysis of distributed and automated manufacturing lines for manufacturing customized medical treatment items
• Funding: CAPES (BR)
• Partners: University of Parma, SUPSI, UFSC, University of Bremen, University of Tennessee, Université Laval, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
2016: New paradigms for design, construction and operation of machinery and plants for food industry
• Activity: Apparatus for on-line measurement of homogenization degree
• Funding: POR-FESR 2014-2020 Emilia-Romagna (IT)
• Partners: SITEIA and CIPACK, centers of University of Parma, ECOR Campus, CERR, InterMech MO.RE., Sidel Spa, GEA Mechanical Equipment Italia, MBS srl, Parmalapping srl, AXOR OCRIM srl
2009: SOMMACT – Self Optimising Measuring Machine Tools
• Funding: EU FP7-NMP-2008-SMALL-2
• Partners: SUPSI, University of Huddersfield, INRIM, Alesamonti srl, API Varese, FIDIA Spa, Havlat GmbH, IBS Precision Engineering, ISM-3D, Kovosvit MAS a.s., TTS srl, Weiss GmbH
2008: Training aimed at analysis, research, formulation and verification of scientific principle and technical modalities referred to vaporization of Hydrogen Peroxide in the processes of sterilization of containers
• Activity: Design of a mechatronic system for handling filling nozzles and support to validate the new process and the bottling machine according to FDA.
• Funding: Bando Meccanica avanzata Emilia Romagna (IT) – DM 28621
• Partners: University of Parma, GEA Procomac
2005: Design of UTM NUOVO RIO ordering machine
• Funding: Regione Emilia-Romagna (IT)
• Partners: University of Parma, Lanfranchi S.p.A.

PI of the following industry research projects:
2022: Testbed ROSTRO (STEM srl, IT)
2017: Industrialization of a position measurement and compensation system (SARIX SA, CH)
2014: Advanced diagnostics (Gebo-Cermex, IT)
2008: Study of a prototype of a motorized insect screen for French windows (IRS Sp.A, IT)
2007: A strain gauge sensor for measuring radial and axial motion in radial seals for rotating shafts, and data acquisition software tool. (SKF, NL)

• Best Paper Presented at the 32nd International DAAM Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing - Paper title: “A Digital Twin Based Self-Calibration Tool for Fault Prediction of FDM Additive Manufacturing Systems”
• Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence SME instrument phase 1 call H2020-EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 (H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-1) of 8 February 2018
• Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence SME instrument phase 1 call H2020-SMEInst-2016-2017 (H2020-SMEINST-1-2016-2017) of 9 November 2017
• Marzotto Prize 2016, From Idea to Enterprise
• BioUpperPrize, April 2016, Milan, Italy, WRAPProject
• Start Cup Emilia-Romagna, October 2016, Reggio Emilia, Italy, WRAPProject

Official duties at the University of Parma
2019 – PRESENT
• Head of the departmental laboratory of Automated Production Systems
2018 – PRESENT
• Member of the scientific committee of area 09 - Industrial and Information Engineering
2017 – PRESENT
• Member of the scientific committee of the departmental laboratory Smart Production 4.0 Lab
• Member of the technical committee of the IFTS course "Software Engineer for Industry 4.0 Automated Systems";
2017 – 2021
• Member of the board of the Department of Engineering and Architecture as a representative of the researchers
2005 – 2017
• Member of the management commission of the Polytechnic Library of the University of Parma
• Member of the comparative evaluation commission for n. 2 full-time university researcher positions at Milan Polytechinc
2006 – 2007
• Scientific manager of the postgraduate course on “Automated machines for Life Sciences Industries”.

Courses held at University of Parma
• Laurea Degree in Mechanical Engineering (5 years cycle), 5th year
2003/04, 2004/05: Regulation and Control of Mechanical Systems [4 ECTS]
• MSc in Mechanical Engineering, II year
From 2005/06 to 2009/10, 2011/12: Mechatronics [4 ECTS]
From 2005/06 to 2009/10: Mechanics of Automated Machines [4 ECTS]
2015/16: Industrial Automation [6 ECTS]
• MSc in Mechanical Engineering of the Food Industry, 2nd year
From 2005/06 to 2009/10: Mechanics for Packaging Machines [4 ECTS]
2012/13: Mechanics and Design of Machines for the Food Industry [5 ECTS]
2015/16: Mechanics of Machines for the Food Industry [6 ECTS]
• MSc in Plant and Machinery Engineering for the Food Industry, II year
2019/20: Automation and Control of Food Industry Plants [6 ECTS]
• MSc in Engineering for the Food Industry
2022/23: Mechanical Automation for the Food Industry [12 ECTS]
• MSc in Industrial Engineering, 1st year
2011/12: Devices for Computer Integrated Manufacturing [9 ECTS]
From 2013/14 to 2016/18, 2019/20, 2021/22: Industrial Automation [9 ECTS]
• BSc in Mechanical Engineering (three-year), 3rd year
From 2003/04 to 2009/10: Actuators Mechanics [4 ECTS]
• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year
2002/03: Actuator Mechanics [4 ECTS]

Editorial board membership
2019 – PRESENT
• Production, Publication of Associaçâo Brasileira de Engenharia de Produçao (ABEPRO)
2018 – PRESENT
• Smart Science, Taylor & Francis, Inc.
Conference technical committee membership and session chair
• AITC-AIT 2006 International Conference on Tribology, Parma, IT
• 55th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Lugano, CH
• Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, ASME
• Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management, AAB
• Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Elsevier
• Production, ABEPRO
• 23rd , 24th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), IEEE
• Polymers, MDPI
• Applied Sciences, MDPI
• Journal of Engineering Tribology Editorial Office, SAGE Publications Inc.
• Lubricants, MDPI
• Actuators, MDPI
• Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, Taylor & Francis, Inc.
• 55th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems
• 13th Symposium on Advances in Control Education, IFAC

Diplomas and qualifications
• Italian National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor (09/A2-Meccanica Applicata alle Macchine)
• Certificate of Advanced Studies in Didactics [10 ECTS] awarded by SUPSI, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland.
• Laurea Degree (5 years, equivalent to MSc) in Mechanical Engineering, with specialization in Industrial Automation and Robotics, awarded by University of Parma.
• Qualification to practice as an engineer, awarded by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

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