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Geologia strutturale e tettonica
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Name and surname: Fabrizio BALSAMO

Place and date of birth: Marino (Rome, Italy), 28th December 1973

Address: Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability,

Pad. 7 – Scienze della Terra, Parco Area delle Scienze 157/A, 43124, Parma, Italy.

University of Parma

Phone: +39 0521 905365, FAX: +39 0521905327





Associate professor at Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability (SCVSA) at University of Parma, Italy. My primary interests concern structural geology and tectonics, with focus on the quantitative analysis of brittle deformation at different scales (micro to regional) aimed to understand (1) the structural architecture of fault systems, (2) petrophysical properties of fault rocks, (3) signature of seismic vs aseismic slip in shallow sediments, and (4) interplay between deformation and fluid flow to constrain (i) fault-related mineralization, (ii) diagenetic alterations, (iii) karst development, (iv) fault sealing analysis. I am currently involved in research project devoted to understand the tectonic evolution of NE Brazil, Northern Victoria Land in Antarctica, Central Apennines in Italy, Central Oman Mountains, Western Italian Alps. Principal investigator and team member of research projects funded by Italian and European institutions and energy industries. Scientific coordinator of the “Laboratory of petrophysics and microstructure” in Parma University. Author and coauthor of >70 articles in international peer-review journals, and more than 160 conference papers. National Scientific Qualification for full professor in 2018.




2002: Graduation thesis in Structural Geology (University of Roma Tre, Italy) on “Surface and sub-surface geological setting of the Boccheggiano mining area, Colline Metallifere, Southern Tuscany, Italy”. Supervisor prof. R. Funiciello.

2006: PhD in Geodynamics (University of Roma Tre, Italy) on “Structural and permeability evolution of fault zones developed in poorly lithified sediments”. Supervisor prof. F. Salvini.

2006-2011: Post-doc at Department of Geology (University of Roma Tre, Italy).

2011-2013: Post-doc Department of Physics and Earth Sciences (University of Parma, Italy).

2009: Visiting researcher at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Brazil, funded by the Brazilian Petroleum Agency (ANP).

2002-2015: participation to 10 national and international Short Courses in Tectonics, Structural Geology, and Petroleum Geology.

2014-2017: Research fellow at Department of Physics and Earth Sciences (University of Parma, Italy).

2017-2019: Assistant professor at Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, University of Parma, Italy.




2005: Research fellowship (1 month) at Petrobras CENPES laboratories (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) funded by University of Roma Tre, Italy.

2010: Honorable mention “Ramsay Medal” (Tectonic Studies Group Meeting, Birmingham, UK).

2012: “Royal Society” fellowship funded by the “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Italy”: Coseismic slip in granular materials and carbonates by high-velocity friction experiments (6 months at Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University, Durham, UK).

2016: Overworld 2016 fellowship to supervise 3 Italian master students in NE Brazil (Rio do Peixe basin) in collaboration with Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (funding: Parma University).

2017: Overworld 2017 fellowship to supervise 3 Italian master students in NE Brazil (Potiguar basin) in collaboration with UFRN (funding: Parma University).

2021: Research project “Geological and seismotectonic study of the Santa Maria del taro dam, Parma, Italy” (funding 30000 euro, Tirreno Power SpA, Italy).

2021-2023: Research project “Earthquake cycle in shallow sediments” (funding 80.000 euro, University of Parma and Cariparma, Italy).

2022-2025: Research project “Fault Architecture in Space and Time – FAST” (funding 165.000 euro, Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research – MIUR).




2002-ongoing: Article reviewer for Journal of Structural geology, Computer Geosciences, Earth Science Reviews, Geological Society of America Bulletin, Marine and Petroleum Geology, South America Journal of Earth Sciences.

2003-2015: Convener and co convener of 9 scientific sessions at European Geoscience Union General Assemblies (Vienna).

2005: translator of 4 scientific articles (English to Italian) in the “Hydrocarbon encyclopedia, ENI”, Editor Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani.

2012: Invited speaker “Geology of Antarctica”, Museo del Fiume di Nazzano, Rome, Italy.

2012-2017: judge for 9 posters eligible for “Outstanding Poster Pico Presentation” at EGU assembly.

2014: Member of committee of the PhD thesis “Deformation style and hydraulic properties of tight carbonates within Apulian platform and slope-to-basin succession (southern Italy)”, I. Korneva, University of Camerino, Italy.

2015: Reviewer of the PhD Thesis “Fractured carbonate reservoir characterization by means of surface analogs analysis” E. Pansa, University of Basilicata.

2015-ongoing: Member of committee of PhD school in Earth Sciences at Parma University.

2015-ongoing: Review Editor in Tectonics and Structural Geology of the open access Frontiers journal.

2015-2016: Coordinator of Geoscience activities during “European Researcher’s Night” at University of Parma, Italy.

2017-2021: Officer and Coordinator of “Outstanding Student Poster & Pico Presentation (OSPP)” in the Tectonics and Structural Geology Division at European Geoscience Union (EGU).

Reviewer of scientific research projects of National Science Foundation, USA.

2017-ongoing: Member of committee for Internationalization activities at SCVSA Department (Parma University). Coordinator of Overworld fellowships in Geoscience at Parma University.

2017: Invited speaker “Earthquakes: historical seismicity in Viadana site, Italy” Viadana, Mantova.

2017-ongoing: Referent of additional agreement in Geoscience between Univeristy of Parma and UFRN, Brazil.

2018: Reviewer of the PhD Thesis “Tectonic and gravity-driven structures in the near slope basinal carbonates”, D. Jablonska, University of Camerino, Italy.

2002-ongoing: active collaborations with R. Swennen and P. Muchez (K.U. Uniersity, Belgium), G. Di Toro (Padua University, Italy), N. De Paola (Durham University, UK), F.H. Bezerra (UFRN, Brazil), P. Vannuchi (Royal Holloway University, UK), A. Munoz (University of Barcelona), F. Rossetti (University of Roma Tre, Italy), A. Billi (CNR, Italy), L. Aldega (Sapienza University, Italy), S. Tavani (Federico II University, Italy), E. Tondi (Camerino University, Italy), J. Solum and C. Taberner (Shell, the Netherlands), M. Meda (ENI, Italy), G. Viola (Bologna University, Italy), G. Bertotti (Tu Delft University, the Netherlands), K. Ogata (Federico II University, Napoli, Italy).

2019-2020: Co-editor of the Special Issue “Faults, fractures and fluid flow in the shallow crust” published in Solid Earth online Journal, Copernicus.

2019-ongoing: Reviewer Board della rivista scientifica “Minerals”, Basel, Switzerland, MDPI (2019-in corso) (ISSN 2075-163X; IF 2.250).

2021-ongoing: Editorial Board member of Applied Sciences, Basel, Switzerland, MDPI (IF 2.679, ISSN 2076-3417)

Co-editor Special Issue in Geological Magazine “Faults and fractures in rocks: mechanics, occurrence, dating, stress history and fluid flow” (2021). Editors: O. Lacombe, S. Tavani, J. Lamarche, F. Balsamo, F. Agosta.




2002-2007: TRAFUR I/II (Transmissibility of Faults in Unconsolidated Rocks), University of Roma Tre, funded by PETROBRAS.

2002-2004: Italian Antarctic Research Project 5.4-2002: Link between Cenozoic tectonics and oceanic fracture zones in Victoria Land and Ross Sea, Antarctica. Coordinator F: Salvini.

2004-2006: Italian Antarctic Research Project 4.6-2004: Dinamic and Chronological zonation of the Ross orogeny, Antarctica. Coordinator F. Storti.

2009 - PRIN 2009N73SR4_003. Structural and petrophysical properties of cataclastic fault rocks in carbonates: implications for subsurface fluid flow (PI E. Tondi)

2009-2010: Geological characterization of the Planta Piloto CO2 storage complex and exposed analog structures (Campo de Ayoluengo), coordinator J.A. Muoz, University of Barcelona.

2009-2010: Neotectonics in NE Brazil (PI F.H. Bezerrra, UFRN, Brazil), funded by Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia em Geotectônica (INCT-ET) and the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq).

2010-2011: Italian Antarctic Research Project A2.16-2009: Geological continental markers of Cenozoic climate changes in Victoria Land, Antarctica. Coordinator S. Rocchi.

2010-2013: DADO (Damage Zone Dolomitization, PI F. Storti, University of Parma), funded by SHELL.

2013-2016: FRASI (Fractured Siliciclastics, PI F. Storti, University of Parma), funded by PETROBRAS.

2014-2016: POROCARSTE (Karst porosity in carbonates, PI F.H. Bezerra, UFRN, Brazil). Funded by PETROBRAS.

2014-2018: TRIASNORTH (Reconstructing the Triassic northern Barents Shelf; basin infill patterns controlled by gentle sags and faults) funding Resource Council of Norway.

2015-2017: DEBRIP (Deformation bands in Rio do Peixe basin, NE Brazil; PI C. Nogueira, UECG, Brazil). Funded by PETROBRAS.

2016-ongoing: SEFRAC (Atlas of fractured carbonate reservoir, PI F. Storti, A. Bistacchi, G. Bertotti). Funded by ENI.

2017-ongoing: PROCARSTE 3D (Karst porosity in carbonates, PI F.H. Bezerra, UFRN, Brazil). Funded by PETROBRAS.

2018-ongoing: Italian Antarctic Research Project PNRA16_00263: fault dating of Transantarctic Mountains in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica. Coordinator V. Olivetti.

2018-ongoing: DEBRIP 2 (Deformation bands in Rio do Peixe basin, NE Brazil; PI C. Nogueira, UECG, Brazil). Funded by PETROBRAS.

2020-ongoing: 3D digital model of the Cristal cave, Morro do Chapéu, Bahia, Brazil (CristalDOM). PI F.H.R. Bezerra. Funded by PETROBRAS.




Teaching support activities and supervision

2004-2011 – Teaching support activities for Structural Geology, Interpretation of geological maps, and Field Geological Survey courses (University of Roma Tre, Italy)

2011-ongoing – Supervisor of 5 BS thesis, 15 MS thesis, 3 PhD student. Co-Supervisor of 7 PhD students, and undergraduate student (9 MS thesis, 13 BS thesis) at Parma University, Italy.


Class taught

2006-2007: Teaching activities for ENI and Petrobras oil companies in Structural Geology.

2012-2013 – Course of “Structural Geology” (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)

2014-2016 – Course of “Earthquake geology” (University of Parma, Italy)

2015 – Short Course in “Analysis of brittle deformation in fractured reservoirs”, Natal, UFRN.

2016-2017 – Course of “Earthquake geology” and “Global tectonics” (University of Parma, Italy)

2017-2018 – Course of “Earthquake geology” and “Global tectonics” (University of Parma, Italy)

2018-2019 – Course of “Earthquake geology” and “Global tectonics” (University of Parma, Italy)

2019-2020 – Course of “Earthquake geology” and “Applied Structural Geology” (University of Parma, Italy)

2020 – Short course of “Applied Structural Geology” at University of Vienna (January 2020)

2020-2021 – Course of “Earthquake geology” and “Rock Fracturing” (University of Parma, Italy)

2021-2022 – Course of “Earthquake geology” and “Rock Fracturing” (University of Parma, Italy)




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