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Christian Franceschini  is currently Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, Italy. He collaborates with the Sleep Center of the University of Bologna with research and clinical counseling to assess differential clinical diagnosis in sleep disorders and psychological and neuropsychological evaluation to design individualized clinical interventions. He is the author of several scientific publications, mostly published in international journals (Brain, Sleep, Movement Disorders, Clinical Neurophysiology, Sleep Medicine, Journal of Sleep Research etc.) on research topics in sleep disorders and clinical psychology, especially narcolepsy, insomnia, REM sleep behavior disorders, Restless legs movements, coping strategies.He is a member of the following scientific societies: Italian Society Sleep Medicine since 2005; European Sleep Research Society from 2005 -2010, Italian Society of Psychology since 2019 and Honorary Member of Italian Association of Narcoleptic and Hypersmoniac Patients (AIN) since 2009. He is member of the Disciplinary Boarding of Clinical Psychology from 2014.  Areas of particular interest and expertise: psychopathology of narcolepsy; sleep and cognition; motor control during sleep; cognitive performance and sleepiness; insomnia and CBT-Insomnia; emotional dysregulation in narcolepsy; disturbances of motor control during sleep (parasomnias, REM sleep behavior disorders, restless legs and periodic limb movements of sleep, etc); stigma in sleep disorders.

Mercoledì dalle 10.30 alle 13:00.

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